Discover the activities of the Manor!


Thrill seekers? Our horrifying routes are made for you!


You will travel the Manor and meet its inhabitants!

You will be both spectator and actor of our horror scenes!


Discover our shows throughout the year:

"eXperience", our permanent show, but also "Halloween", "Maléfique Noël", "la Chasse aux Zoeufs", "Monsterland"! (see our calendar)


And live unique experiences during our special evenings, such as the Black Night, where the Manor is plunged into darkness!


Combine anxiety and reflection ... not always obvious!


With Butcher (coming soon!) And Cell 373, your nerves and your meninges will be put to the test in our escape games!


If you want a more family adventure, opt for "La Gouvernante" which will adapt to a younger audience!


The goal: get out in less than an hour before it happens to you!

You will have to seek, think, communicate and keep calm!


The Manoir café-restaurant is not just reserved for activity participants!


It is open to everyone and you can drink, eat, taste insects while enjoying the different activities that we offer every week!


We invite you to consult our calendar to reserve your evening!


La boutique du Manoir est ouverte :

le vendredi de 19h00 à 23h30

le samedi de 14h30 à 23h30

le dimanche de 14h30 à 17h30

Elle y est accessible par le café-restaurant.

Vous pourrez bien entendu y  découvrir des articles à l'effigie du Manoir, mais aussi différents objets ésotériques (planches de ouija, tarots, pendules etc...), masques, maquillage, bijoux, objets de brocante et de décoration, insectes à manger, etc...

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