For Halloween evenings, MANOIR MAUDIT mobilizes all its means, indoors and outdoors, and has some surprises in store for you that you will soon forget with two routes:




But also new activities such as 2 fast escape-games and a bar-catering area created specially for the occasion!

Attractions and entertainment

Ouverture du Manoir et de son parc de 18h30 à minuit

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DEAD MINE | Outdoor maze

You were thinking of taking the train to get to your vacation spot ... but the train is derailed and you have to get off to get to the next station on foot!


Bad luck, we will have to cross a village that seems abandoned for years!


But beware of appearances ...

This village is indeed inhabited .. but THE VIRUS has made the villagers inhuman!


Flee as quickly as possible, no one knows what they will do to you if they catch you!



BLOOD LAKE SALOON | Interior maze


How about an evening at the saloon? A beautiful evening in the western tradition, frenzied, colorful ...


But watch out for the spark that can trigger a duel, a fight!

In these cases there, in general, there is hardly a survivor and we must expect a lake, a bloodbath!


Will you survive this adventure?



THE RESERVE | Fast Escape-Game


Legend has it that the epidemic was born in the saloon reserve ...


You will have to search, search and find the origin of this scourge ... but beware, this can be extremely dangerous!


You will enter the saloon reserve ... at your own risk!


THE CABANON | Fast Escape-Game


An old cowboy lives reclusive in a cabin in the far west ...

He has not seen anyone for several years ... And for good reason, he hates the human race!

If he sees you, he will kill you for sure!

However, as a former miner, he has a stone capable of stemming the epidemic that has spread to the village.


You will need to get it back before it catches you!



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Indoor & Outdoor Space


Before, during or after your different adventures, you can quench your thirst or eat in the Manoir's saloon!


It is an unusual place created specially for the occasion!

Come and discover this place halfway between a western and Halloween!


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