An EVJF / EVG at MANOIR CAUDIT? The perfect idea!

Here is a perfect idea to surprise the lucky winner!

An original idea that could terrorize them and mark this day forever!

Ballons (compressé).png

Your friend is getting married. Once the tears of joy and the hugs have passed, he / she announces that you have been chosen as a witness. There is euphoria. To thank her, make her live a bachelor party / crazy girl / man at MANOIR CAUDIT !

Avenir Light est une police épurée et élégante et appréciée des designers. Agréable à regarder, elle s'adapte parfaitement aux titres et paragraphes.

The EVJF or EVG is the perfect opportunity to meet up with friends for a weekend full of emotion. For this, what could be better than the CURVED MANOR to spend a UNIQUE evening full of chills!


Even after leaving the course, the monsters will not be done with them with the arrival of a big cake ... the MONSTER SHOW !

We offer 2 turnkey formulas

offre non valable pour Halloween

Following new measures related to the health crisis of COVID-19, the Manoir Maudit will be closed until further notice
We hope to see you soon for more horrific adventures ....
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